Utility UpgradesEdit

Power Up

Heroes will emit a shockwave of increasing power and size on level up, stunning enemies for 1/1.5/2 seconds.

Stars Required - 1/2/3

Mechanical Backpack

Heroes get a 10/15/20% chance to instantly teleport food/spare parts to your food stash.

Stars Required - 1/2/3


Start each match with +100/200/300 extra gold.

Stars Required - 2/3/4

Spirit Channel

When a hero dies, your other hero will get healed 50/100/150 HP (has global cooldown of 5 minutes).

Stars Required - 2/3/4


Decrease the cost of mercenaries by 5/10/15%.

Stars Required - 3/4/5


Nearby heroes and creeps heal 15/30/45 HP when a hero gains a level.

Stars Required - 3/4/5

Spare Parts

Start each match with +15/25/35 extra spare parts.

Stars Required - 4/5/6


Reduce all cooldowns by 3/6/9%.

Stars Required - 4/5/6

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