• Dralecgon


    July 1, 2014 by Dralecgon

    So I was thinking , Bug Heroes 2 can only deserve the " 2 " if the sequel connects , so I thought , why not bring back some of the deuteragonists and the antagonists ? I mean , if you played Bug Heroes Quest , you might have heard of the scorpions and the vampire bugs , you've definitely also seen the carrier snail , which carries fleas to be spawned at a certain rate . Of course , don't forget the little crazy old ant that fussed about ant being the chosen one . Also , I've been thinking of a new multiplayer game mode . Skirmish Co-op ( Seriously , out of everything , Foursaken Media forgot this ? ) , as how it works ... you can already imagine . If you've taken some serious 1 to 2 minutes to read this ... well ... thank you I guess ?

    - Dr…

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