Turrets UpgradesEdit

Long Barrels

All turrets get +15/10/15% longer range.

Stars required 1/2/3


Get 20/40/60% more resources back when you sell a turret.

Stars required 1/2/3


All turrets deal +3/6/9% extra damage.

Stars required 2/3/4

Bigger Caliber

Gunner, Snail Cannon, and Autocannon turrets get 3/6/9% chance to do large knockback.

Stars required 2/3/4


Firecracker and Cannon turrets get a 3/5/9% chance to shoot a three shot barrage.

Stars required 3/4/5

Blaster Rounds

Sniper turrets get a 3/6/9% chance for their bullets to explode, knocking back and dealing 35% of their damage in an area.

Stars required 3/4/5

Reinforced Plating

All turrets gain +5/10/15 heavy armor.

Stars required 4/5/6

Self Repair

All turrets automatically repair +1/2/3 HP per second.

Stars required 4/5/6

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