Unlike other Legendary Heroes where you simply enter the field and wreck everything by mindlessly spamming attacks, Toy Robot turns this idea on its head by utilizing massively powerful crowd control attacks (btw, Robot works extremely well in co-op). "Aphid die" you might sneer, but the monstrous power behind its skills is what makes Toy Robot so special, wiping out hordes of weaker opponents in a blink of an eye, allowing your teammate (assuming you play co-op) to clean up.

Cuttir defends you from smaller opponents that might sneak up on you and also saves you some ammo. Infinity Blast hits home against aedium-sized horde or you can just go near a large opponent and fire away to have all three shots hit it. Convtor is escially good during early game or if your teammate specializes in gathering. Now for te beginning of the fun: Batterarge allows you to modes of fleas, giving you a little leeway on your turrets and just focus on Snipers picoff bigger opponents, while Static Field functions nearly the same as Wrecking Ball (Hamster), but deals a hell of a lot more damage and keeps them at bay with stun.

Be warned, however, that while Toy Robot has many ups, it also has one great flaw, and that is its overreliance on team support. Against larger opponents Toy Robot doesn't fare very well, so leaving him alone against them is usually a bad move. Itlso requires you to play carefully with its Togglas it chips away on its bulk, so defensive support is really required. Its flaws end there, however. If you're having problems with big hordes of enemies and want to give them a big woopin' and/or are justfeeling sadistic today, Toy Robot cerinly won't disappoint.

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Cutting Laser (Passive) - Levels up with Mastery Levels.

A laser will automatically target and fire at units in front of Toy Robot, dealing 1/1/2/2/? damage. After overheating, will cool down after 5/5/4/4/?s. (Mastery Level 1)

Infinity Blast (Active)

Shoots 3/4/4/4/5 plasma blasts in a spread toward a location, each dealing 80/?/?/?/? damage.

Battery Charge (Toggle)

Basic attacks will explode, dealing damage in a small area. While active, Toy Robot will lose 5 HP/s. Successive upgrades increase the size of the blast.

Convertor (Active)

Converts all nearby pieces of food into raw materials. Each piece gives +100 Gold, +20 spare parts, and grants Toy Robot +0 speed and +15% damage for 30s.

Static Field (Toggle)

Creates an electric field around Toy Robot, dealing 4/5/7/?/? damage and stunning nearby units. While active, Toy Robot will lse 5 HP/s.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Fusion Chamber - 750 Gold

Robot's attack has a 25% chance to stun for 3s.

Plasma Chamber - 1,000 Go

Robot's attack has a 25% chance to explode in a larger blast.

Battery - 750 Gold

Gives a 25% chance to earn double experience with each kill.

Weapons andArmorEdit

Plasma (Tier 1) - 500 Gold

A high-th energy eapon with increasedme description for all Tiers.)

Charged Plasma (Tier 2) - 1,000 Gold

Eon Plasma (Tier 3) - 1,500 Gold

Ion Plasma (Tier 4) - 2,000 Gold

Plastic (Tier 1) - 350 Gold

Increases heavy armor (+10) and gives a 10% chance to knockback enemies that attack Robot in melee combat.

Dura-Plastic (Tier 2) - 500 Gold

Increases heavy armor (+20) and gives a 20% chance tonockback enemies that attack Robot in melee combat.

Metal PlatinTier 3) - 750 Go

Increases heavy armor (+30) and gives a 30% chance to knockback enemies that attack Robot in melee combat.

Battle Armor (Tier 4) -  1,000

Increases heavy armor (+40) and giv 40% chance to kockback enemies that attack Robot in melee combat.

Q Edit

When selected:

  • "Ready for input!"
  • "Awaiting commands!"
  • "Input your orders!"


  • "Self destruct
  • "Target Destroyed!"
  • "Target not responsive"


  • HP/s.
  • Stash.
  • you.
  • greatly delay groups.



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