Trains snails and slugs to fight for you.

-- Strategy --

The Slime Quarter is a good offensive - supportive turret that will spawn various powerful snails and slugs to help you . To not make it too overpowered , the spawn time for a snail or a slug starts at 240 seconds ( 4 minutes ) and it only spawns in one at a time . This strategy will help you maximize itss ability to the fullest .

- Snails -

As we all know , snails are armored early enemies meant to defend other enemy creeps . Harnessing the armor of the afore - mentioned creep , its main use is for meat shielding , if you are using a ranged hero , stay behind the snail and provide as much firepower as possible .

- Slugs -

You've definitely been stresses with slugs poisoning you and not allowing you to use your abilities , now , revert the stress BACK to the enemy , slugs are like Honey Bee , possesing both ranged and melee attacks , it may not have armor , but it can cause serious damage to creeps as the poison penetrates any armor . Protect it at all cost .

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cost 200 100 115 130 150
HP 750 825 900 975 1050
Spawn rate 240 220 200 180 160

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