Offense UpgradesEdit

Critical Attacks

Melee heroes get a 1/2/3% chance to do critical attacks, which deal 1.5x damage.

Stars Required - 1/2/3

Iron Sights

All ranged heroes get +5/10/15% range.

Stars Required - 1/2/3

Steady Aim

Ranged units deal +3/6/9% damage when shooting from behind cover.

Stars Required - 2/3/4


Melee heroes deal +2/4/6% damage.

Stars Required - 2/3/4

Quick Load

Ranged heroes reload +5/10/15% faster.

Stars Required - 3/4/5

Sharpened Edges

Melee heroes get a 2/4/6% chance to deal +50 Armor Piercing attacks.

Stars Required - 3/4/5

Bigger Clips

Ranged Heroes get +10/20/30% more ammo before having to reload.

Stars Required - 4/5/6


Levelling up gives a 3/6/9 second damage buff (2x damage).

Stars Required - 4/5/6

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