Some common bugs and glitches in the game.

Single player Bugs and GlitchesEdit

-When an enemy Waterbug Pirate use Fish Hook on your hero against a wall, the affected hero might get through to the other side of the wall. The best way to remedy this glitch is to let the affected hero go back to the original boundaries of the game and switch to the other hero so the now AI-manipulated hero returns to normal and allowing the game's dimension to adjust itself, or simply go back to the original boundaries of the game and let the affected hero get killed. When the affected hero respawns, the game can readjust itself without interruptions.

-When you spam Commando strike with the Abillity gem 15 times your Damage will become 999

-The effects of Tarantula's Mind Control ability can become permanent if creeps under its effects survive to the end of a round in Endless Mode, and saving and quitting before the next round starts. The creeps on your side will stay that way permanently when you reenter the game.

Multiplayer Bugs and Glitches Edit


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