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Overpowered Combos

Do you know any good combos for heroes ? Well if you do , you can write it down here , it would be greatly appreciated !

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For me , I am gonna start with beetle

Currently , myBeetle is level 8 and he is already beast , I put Junk , Gold , Master , Ability and God Gems on it , and the following scrolls are the two health scroll that has the "broken" prefix , and would you believe it ? he got up to 1somethingsomethingsomething health ! When battling , I placed the equipment which increase health by 25% and armor , and he got up to 18somethingsomething health , at level 7 or so , Beetle reached 2k health and is literally unkillable because of the humongous armor and high health , so it's a really great combo !

P.S. I know Mantis can almost do the same thing , but Mantis is more damage-focused , and beetle is more tanking-focused , so it wouldn't help Mantis much that she has a lot of health , besides her unique equipments don't help whatsoever with armor or health


Pillbug + Honeybee. This is the combo you want to use when going for a 200 round Endless. Pillbug helps you to fight off the horde while Honeybee grows his army. Scrolls: damage for Pillbug and health/speed for Honeybee. Turrets: Shielder, 3xBug Banner. Cheat gems: none :) Equipment for Pillbug: Shoulder Turret, Coolant/Nail rounds/Health amulet.

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